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    Wonders 3rd Grade Units Overview | FREEBIE

    My district uses McGraw-Hill Wonders reading program and as a school we are inching towards full implementation of all of the components. Last year we started with requiring the Wall Cards to be posted, the Reader-Writer Workshop text used on days 1-2, the Anthology text used on days 3-5, and Phonics from the Wonders curriculum to be taught whole group in grades 3-5 (K-2 has other things). Next year we’re implemented the Research Board and a reading notebook, which is something I already do! If you’re interested in seeing how I implement these 2 things next year, definitely let me…

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    Fun in the Summer Teacher Tag

    I love participating in fun tags on YouTube. It’s a great way to reach out and participate in a group and hopefully make some new friends! Which is my hope, anyway. 🙂 Mariely at Pencils and Magic Wands created the…

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    My 2019-2020 Teacher Happy Planner Set Up

    If there’s one thing I get super excited about during the summer, it’s setting up planners that start in July. I am slightly planner obsessed… Just slightly. Hold on as I hide my mountain of washi tape, endless supply of…