My Latest Obsession: Movie Scores

Everyone else seems to have their favorite songs or favorite recording artists, but I stray from the pack and prefer movie scores instead. Ever since I was a child, I preferred to listen to classical music. I had Mozart CD’s and played movie theme songs on my geocities webpage rather than bumping my head to *NSync or Backstreet Boys. As I got older, I delved into the ’90s alternative rock scene because my dad loved it. In high school, I tried to follow the pack and listen to the rap and R&B tunes that everyone was so into, but I really just didn’t care for it. I would return home and listen to my ’90s rock, my mom’s ’80s pop, and classical theme songs.

Self-expression through movie scores

When people say that music gives them life or that it helps them express themselves, movie scores do that for me. Movie scores, in my own personal opinion, are amazing in that they can invoke feeling and emotion without a single word to tell you exactly which emotion or feeling. Movie scores are what motivate me during my work day, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite Spotify playlists of my favorite movie scores.

Disney and Pixar Movie Scores

Who doesn’t love Disney and Pixar? I think they have by far some of the greatest movie scores. My current favorite is the movie score from Inside Out. Check out this playlist on Spotify for all the best Disney/Pixar Movie soundtracks in one spot. I listen to this playlist almost daily.

Harry Potter Soundtracks

Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with Harry Potter is real. I recently scrolled through my own news feed on Facebook to find that the links, videos, and posts I share are 70% about Harry Potter. Yeah. So listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack playlist on Spotify is a must for me.

Cinematic Chill-Out

This playlist is actually created by Spotify, but it doesn’t have as many songs as my other playlists. I am most likely going to create my own movie score playlist because this one is a bit lacking, but it still has all of my favorite films represented. So if you’re not a huge animated or Harry Potter buff like I am, songs from Transformers or Inception are included on the Cinematic Chill-out playlist.

Movie Scores and Soundtracks that move you

This last playlist is one of my favorites because of it’s diverse mix of songs from different types of movies. From romance to action and Disney to the latest Academy Award winning scores, this playlist mixes it up. Love it.

Hope that quick list was helpful for those who are interested in finding some music that will motivate you while also keeping your head in the game while you work. Nothing is worse than forgetting what you were writing when you have distracting music on in the background. And we all know you really just want to turn those movies on rather than listen to the soundtracks, but for me, this is better.

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