My May 2017 Ipsy Bag Review

May 2017 Ipsy Bag Contents

Ah the every present Ipsy bag that every girl and her mom subscribes to. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s only $10 for some pretty decent sized samples and cute travel bags every month. In my May 2017 Ipsy bag, I was especially pleased with everything that I was sent, which is why I wanted to actually blog about it.

I don’t actually enjoy blogging about make-up. Why? Because I’m not an expert! I have no idea what I’m doing half the time and I probably use things incorrectly. Especially brushes. Unless it tells me ON THE BRUSH what its purpose is, then I use it for whatever I feel like. Anyway… I’m getting off topic…

This is my every girl’s review of my May 2017 Ipsy bag. I say every girl, because hey. I know there’s a lot of me out there. We don’t know what we’re doing with make-up, but we put it on and it usually looks great. We get a little risky and try something new, which brought us to subscribing to Ipsy.

My favorite part of this month’s bag was the actual bag. I love clear bags in my purse. I can quickly grab them out of my bag and see what’s at the bottom without having to dump everything out on the restaurant table. It’s also convenient because my husband refuses to take extra steps in looking for things… Like unzipping a bag unless I tell him to. So it helps him out when he’s rummaging through my purse for hand lotion.

My least favorite part of this month’s bag was the MannaKadar bronzer, highlighter sample. I have never heard of the brand and after doing a little more research, I found it wasn’t a brand for me. Nothing super negative, just not for me.

The Pacifica eyeshadow palette and the Pixi eyeliner were my top 2 favorite products in the bag. I have seen these two make-up lines in Target and I’ve always loved that they stand for a move towards more natural and mineral make-up. I especially want to try more of Pacifica’s mineral sunscreen, but more on that later.

Who gets excited when they see something from a company in their home state? I do! I love the hey honey brand, so I was beyond excited when I saw there was a lip balm included. It’s very subtle, doesn’t feel sticky, and moisturizes your lips pretty well. I wouldn’t say it tackles the dry climate here in Colorado, but it does a decent job of not bothering me after I apply it. Which is more than I can say for plenty of other lip products that my hair attaches itself to after application on my lips…

The last item, which is always a hit for me, was the precision foundation brush by Luxie. I love receiving brushes in these bags because I think brushes are always the last thing on my mind when I shop for make-up. I just clean my brushes after every or every other use and they’ve held up pretty well for the past few years. I haven’t tried using this brush yet, but I plan on testing it out to see how it compares to the one I currently use.

What was in your May 2017 Ipsy bag? I’m always interested to see what I missed out on and what people think about the products they received. If you’re interested in trying out Ipsy yourself, sign up now using my referral link!


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