Paper Planners: How and why I started my Etsy planner sticker business

Planners keep us all on track. Whether it’s your Apple or Google calendar on your phone, or a traditional paper planner, we all need to write down (or tap on your phone) our appointments and tasks to remind ourselves of our responsibilities. The creative paper planner community has grown tremendously over the years and I love that I’m not the only person decorating my planner at age 30 with adorable stickers!

So how did I get here as a brand new Etsy Sticker shop owner and plan with me YouTuber? Let’s go through the years of my love for decorating planners…

Halloween week in my original Moleskine planner

I started out with doodles and collages in my Moleskine planners. I would find quotes and sketch little drawings in my planner and color coordinate my plans to make my life easier. Back then, my family and friends thought it was a cute little hobby and something only a select few people did. Not many people were putting stickers or using different colored pens in their planners. Back in the day when I still used LiveJournal, I belonged to a closed group called Organizers that posted beautiful pictures of their drawings and doodles in their Moleskine planners. I think they’re still pretty active… but they post mostly bullet journal spreads and self-made planners now.

As time went on, I started to love the way my planner motivated me to write down my plans and accomplish my goals. There’s a satisfying feeling that comes along with checking a little box on your list. I’ve always considered myself as a “creative,” so having a planner that was pleasing to the eye was a must. If it did not interest me or inspire me to complete the task, I usually abandoned the method and the task. Not good when you want to get things done!

Self made planner

While I loved the structure of the Moleskine week-on-one-page planner and the freedom it gave me on the notes side of the page, it also felt small and not very inspiring. I love illustrating things, but the planner and the method didn’t inspire me to go back and flip through the pages. I tried making a self-made planner similar to the Moleskine layout using lined notebooks, but that wasn’t what inspired me. I definitely wanted something that would inspire me week by week and show my growth.

At the end of 2014, I stumbled upon a plan with me video of someone using the Erin Condren Life Planner. I thought it was amazing! While the use of stickers in a planner was nothing new to me, I thought the actual layout and space given to each day was perfect for my needs. I loved that it wasn’t horizontal, too.

2015 Erin Condren Life Planner spread

My 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner was the first planner I had ever used on every page. My planner was bulging by December after my extensive used of scrapbook paper and stickers.

Erin Condren Life Planner thickness

I had a brief run in with the bullet journal system. I fell in love with the system after watching hours upon hours of videos by Kara at Boho Berry.

All of these systems were great, but I still didn’t feel inspired and they weren’t easy enough to keep up with consistently. Stickers in my vertical Erin Condren were the only things I could rely on to keep up with and not get bored of. I had never finished an entire planner without switching to a new one mid-year until the ECLP!

Bullet Journal spread

So why in the world would I want to start a sticker business? I love creating and designing. I love sharing my planner and my designs with people. I don’t think I will ever stop sharing my planner and designs with the world via YouTube or my blog. From my doodles in my original Moleskine planner all the way to today in my beautiful ECLP using sticker kits, I’m a planner addict through and through.

Do you love sharing your planners and stickers with the world? Share your link in the comments!

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